No bad blood here! Joshua Bassett seemingly defended Olivia Rodrigo during one of his live performances on March 12, 2023. Keep reading for everything we know.

What Did Joshua Bassett Say About Olivia Rodrigo At His Concert?

While Joshua was singing “Set Me Free” on the piano at a concert in Portland, Oregon, someone in the crowd screamed “f–ck Olivia,” referencing his rumored ex-girlfriend. Immediately, the HSMTMTS actor looked out in the crowd with a look of disgust, shaking his head in a nonverbal “no” gesture, according a video taken by a fan at this show.

ICYMI, Joshua and Olivia were rumored to be dating during season 1 of their show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, ​***PERIOD/CAP however, they have never publicly acknowledged their relationship. Instead, they have written multiple songs seemingly about one another and how things ended between the two costars.

Joshua and Olivia’s ‘Driver’s License’ Drama Explained

Olivia dropped her sad girl single “driver’s license” in January 2021, which had the entire internet in a chokehold for a few months. Social media users theorized that the person the songstress heartbreakingly sings about was Joshua and his then-rumored girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter.

“It’s interesting just to watch people make assumptions, and I understand why they would, but not everything is something to be read into, and I think that sometimes you just have to let the art be and not inject yourself into something you don’t know anything about,” Joshua told Elite Daily in a March 2021 interview.

“A lot of times people will get angry in the moment, they’ll lash out and do something, and later they’re like, ‘Oh, I didn’t really mean that.’ The difference with art is that it lasts longer,” he continued. “A lot of times people will make stories out of songs that maybe they meant for just a moment and someone was able to capture it in a song. It doesn’t mean it’s a forever feeling.”

Following the drama, Olivia and Joshua seem to remain friendly, as they even posed together during the red carpet premiere of HSMTMTS‘ season 3 in July 2022.

“Oh, my gosh, that was the craziest time of my life,” Olivia told Variety about the days after “driver’s license”  was released in January 2021. “I put it out not knowing that it would get that reaction, so it was really strange [when] it did. I just remember [everyone being] so weird and speculative about stuff they had no idea about.”

The former Disney actress added, “I don’t really subscribe to hating other women because of boys. I think that’s so stupid, and I really resent that narrative that was being tossed around.”

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