He said WHAT?! Jung Kook (finally) made his solo debut with the single “Seven,” featuring Latto, released on Friday, July 14. Not only did the BTS member release a music video along with the already addicting track, but he also released an explicit version that has fans in an absolute frenzy. Keep reading for a breakdown of the spicy lyrics, how the track was created and that music video.

What Is Jung Kook’s ‘Seven’ About? Lyrics Breakdown

The track is pretty simple to understand when listening to clean version, which was used for the music video. Simply put, Jung Kook tells his partner that he’ll make sure to love them “seven days a week.”

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, seven days a week,” he sings in the chorus. “Every hour, every minute, every second. You know night after night. I’ll be lovin’ you right seven days a week.”

However, if you press play on the explicit version, you probably had a visceral reaction like a lot of BTS fans did upon hearing it.

“It’s the way that you can ride, Think I met you in another life. So break me off another time, you wrap around me and you give me life. And that’s why night after night, I’ll be f–king you right,” he sings in the pre-chorus, before replacing every instance of the word “loving” from the clean version to “f–king.”

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How Was Jung Kook’s ‘Seven’ Written?

“Upon hearing ‘Seven,’ I thought, ‘This is it,'” Jung Kook told Variety in July 2023. “After that, I focused on practicing and recording the track multiple times to perfect it. I hope that many people can feel as I felt when I first heard the song.”

Producers Andrew Watt and Cirkut worked on the songwriting and producing producing for “Seven,” which Jung Kook explained he was “truly grateful” for.

“As this is my first step forward in the spotlight as a solo artist, I want to show a more mature and grown version of myself,” he said, before telling fans to hopefully expect a full-length album sometime this year.

The BTS singer also explained how he and his production team decided on Latto for the song’s feature.

“We thought about who would be the best rapper for this summer song, and one of the producers recommended Latto,” he recalled. “So, we reached out to her, and she gladly agreed to work together for ‘Seven.’ I personally like her rapping voice, and I thought her voice adds another layer of liveliness. I thought it’s important that it suits the overall mood of the song, and Latto’s unique charm came through very well.”

Does Jung Kook’s ‘Seven’ Have a Music Video? Han So-hee Appearance

ICYMI, the music video features a famous South Korean actress, Han So-hee. In the video, Jung Kook chases the actress through rain, flooding, windstorms and even faked his own death in order to see her. Talk about dedication.

Han So-hee made her acting debut in the K-drama Reunited Worlds in 2017. From there, she starred in multiple dramas such as Money Flower, 100 Days My Prince, After the Rain and Abyss. Her breakout role would come in 2020, when she played a main role as a young mistress in South Korea’s smash-hit The World of the Married.

Following her widespread success, she booked main roles in Netflix’s Nevertheless alongside Song Kang, Soundtrack #1 alongside Park Hyung-sik and starred in the Netflix original crime-action drama My Name.

After the teaser for “Seven” released on July 12, fans immediately freaked out over Han So-hee’s appearance. One fan tweeted, “Han Sohee and Jung Kook OH MY GOD.”

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