Rumors have been swirling around Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin left and right – and now, fans are convinced the two are expecting a baby. The couple got engaged back in July – and ever since then, people have been speculating whether or not they’ve already tied the knot. Now, in the midst of all the marriage rumors, fans now believe Hailey is pregnant. And it’s all because of an Instagram photo Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, posted yesterday.

Jeremy and his wife, Chelsey Bieber, welcomed a baby girl into the world on Aug. 16, 2018. In the recent photo the 43-year-old father of four posted, Justin is holding his baby sister, Bay Bieber – and it is honestly too much for our hearts to handle. Justin and his father appear to be surrounded by all of the other Bieber siblings in the photo, showing the 24-year-old singer in true big brother mode. However, some are seeing it as father mode. You see, Jeremy wrote alongside the photo, “To be Father #Bieber’s.”

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To be Father #Bieber’s

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While the caption is quite cryptic, we think it’s safe to say everyone might be jumping to conclusions here. Sure, it seems as though Jeremy is saying Justin is a future dad. But let us all just consider the fact that might just be trying to say that ~one day~ his beloved son will be a father. Not now! However, some fans are still thinking it’s a hint that Hailey might be pregnant. While it’s safe to say that Justin and Hailey aren’t expecting a baby right now (or at least until we hear it straight from them), Hailey did say in 2017 that she wants to have kids.

“I think 20 years is a lot to think about, but by that time I would liked to have a couple of children and be married and raising a family,” the 21-year-old model told Remix Magazine. “There’ll definitely be some kiddos in the picture by then… I want to be 40 and have teenage kids.”

Justin feels the same way!

“Well, by 25 or 26, I want to see myself, like, married or start looking for a family,” Justin said in an interview. “I want to be a young dad. I want to be able to have done what I wanted to do – to be successful, to do a movie or whatever.”

Regardless of these rumors, it looks like Justin and Hailey are on the same page as far as kids go!

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