They can sing and act! Did you know that some of your favorite K-pop idols have also starred in Korean dramas (a.k.a. K-dramas)? From BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo to BTSV, keep reading for a list of all of the K-pop stars who are also K-drama actors!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo made her acting debut in the highly anticipated K-drama titled Snowdrop, which premiered on Disney+ in December 2021.

Snowdrop is set in South Korea in 1987, a historical year for the country that saw a nationwide mass movement forcing the ruling government to hold elections. Snowdrop recounted a romance story between two college students, played by Jisoo (Yeong Ro) and Jung Hae In (Lim Soo Ho).

“Yeong Ro is full of hope and positivity; she’s the kind of person who lights up any room she walks into,” Jisoo said of her character during an interview with Elle Magazine. “She goes through some trials and tribulations and gets caught up in various situations, but she handles everything very maturely. That’s very different to my character personally. I loved that about her.”


The K-pop star explained what it was like filming a K-drama for the first time.

“To be honest, the whole experience of filming Snowdrop was new to me. Every moment of it was new and had its difficulties, but it was also exciting,” she added. “I received so much help and support from the crew and all of my fellow cast members. They made the process so much more enjoyable.”

As for what her fellow BLACKPINK members thought of her first big acting role?

“They were overly excited about sending me a coffee truck to the set,” Jisoo shared in the same Elle interview. “They looked forward to it more than anything else and fought over who’d get to send the first one. They promised me they’d watch the show when it airs, and asked me to give them some spoilers I hadn’t told anyone else. I didn’t, of course. I think their promise motivated me to work harder. I was like, ‘They’re watching me!'”

We love supportive besties! Click through our gallery to uncover all of the K-pop artists who have also starred in K-dramas.

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