If you’re a fan of K-pop, you know that K-pop stars dating are a *big* no-no in the industry — which made K-pop stars Hyuna and Dawn‘s public relationship so fascinating. While the couple broke up in November 2022, their relationship was one of few in the K-pop world. However, to say that the couple faced challenges following the backlash of going public would be a huge understatement. Keep reading to uncover the idols’ love story, the drama surrounding their relationship and if the pair are tying the knot!

If you don’t know, Hyuna was a member of the now-disbanded K-pop girl group 4Minute under Cube Entertainment. She made her solo music debut in 2010 and went on to become one of the most successful female artists in South Korea. You might recognize her as the girl from PSY’s music video for his global sensation “Gangnam Style.”

On to Dawn! Dawn was a member of the boy group Pentagon, which is also under Hyuna’s former music label, Cube Entertainment. He previously went by the name E’Dawn during his time with the group. In March 2017, Cube launched a group called Triple H, which consisted of Hyuna and Pentagon members Dawn and Hui. The group would go on to release the song “365 Fresh” in March 2017 and then “Retro Future” in July 2018 … and this is when things start to turn sour.

While promoting “Retro Future” on South Korean music shows, photos of Hyuna with Dawn were released on social media on August 2, 2018. Cube Entertainment initially denied rumors that they were dating. However, Hyuna and Dawn held an interview with Yeonhap News later that day, admitting to their relationship which began in May 2016, after they had got to know each other through Triple H promotions.

Following the intense backlash from news of their relationship, Cube Entertainment announced on September 13, 2018, that they would be terminating both artists’ contracts, citing that they could not “maintain trust” with the couple.

However, the pair signed a contract with PSY’s newfound music company P Nation the following year. During their time in P Nation, they released solo tracks like Hyuna’s “I’m Not Cool” and Dawn’s “Money.” The duo even created their own musical act called HyunA and DAWN and released a song and music video for “Ping Pong” together. In August 2022, the couple announced that they both left P Nation after their contract expired.

Since their relationship went public, both Dawn and Hyuna post photos of one another on social media. They got engaged on February 3, 2022, with the couple posting the announcement on Instagram.

Scroll through our gallery to see Hyuna and Dawn’s complete relationship timeline.

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