Actress Keke Palmer just broke down a seriously epic throwback scene from True JacksonVP, and we’re seriously obsessed with her reaction. Yep, the former Nickelodeon star teamed up with Cosmopolitan to break down her most iconic roles, and when it came to her starring gig as True Jackson, the actress was all about her kiss with Robbie Amell.

For those who missed it, back in the day True and Jimmy were the TV power couple of our dreams, but before they got together, he went out with another girl. The scene Keke just broke down is what happened after his date — the moment her character revealed her true feelings for Robbie’s character and they shared a super romantic kiss. Yep, we’re seriously feeling SO nostalgic.

“Go and get your man,” the 26-year-old said, while clapping, after the two characters finally locked lips. “Oh my gosh, that was just so sweet.”

Then, Keke spilled some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets about kissing her costar.

“It’s always weird because either you’re too much of friends with somebody or you actually do have a crush on somebody. It’s never — too many people are watching and it’s never real. It’s all just part of a gag, so it’s awkward,” she explained. “But I remember feeling sweet about this [kiss] because I had known Robbie for some years now… By the time we did this episode, so, I mean it was just a sweet, nice thing with somebody that I considered a close friend.”

She continued, “They make you do it, I mean, 20 times or more depending on how many angles. With a sitcom it’s a lot easier because you already have four cameras. But I think we did it more than a handful of times.”

Thankfully, Keke remembered the entire moment as a “good experience.”

“He’s one of the best,” she said about Robbie.

As fans know, this came just after Keke finally spilled some tea on the rumored True Jackson, VP reboot while speaking to Cosmopolitan. She seemingly confirmed that it was still happening, and got real about why Nickelodeon decided to bring back the iconic show. It turned out, it’s because of the fans!

“Look, if my fans ask me for something as far as entertainment, I’m going make the calls that I need to make to try to give it to them,” she explained. “A True Jackson, VP reboot was as much for them as it was for me.”

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