When it comes to dating in Hollywood, you never know what you're going to see. Between hookups, breakups, engagements and marriages, a lot can go down. Both in the spotlight and IRL, it's hard to find that person who is there for the right reasons – and Keke Palmer would agree. The actress and singer recently opened up about having trouble dating guys – and as it turns out, she thinks younger is the best way to go.

"I do love these little young cats because they just untainted. I'm talking like 18, 19, 20," she said in a recent interview. "They're not too rushed either. When I'm thinking about the guys that's my age, they're just too rushed for every thing! You're trying to be too much too fast – you don't even know my middle name. Let's slow it on down."

Keke isn't the only one who is into dating younger guys. Plenty of other famous gals have a few years on the guys they've dated.

Cheryl Cole

liam payne cheryl cole getty images

The singer and her "Get Low"-singing boyfriend Liam Payne have a ten year age gap between them.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus patrick schwazenegger getty images

The "Malibu" singer had one whole year on her ex boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Selena Gomez

selena gomez justin bieber

Selena is two entire years older than her former bae Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift

taylor lautner and taylor swift

The singer has had a few years on the guys she has dated. Conor Kennedy was four years younger, while Taylor Lautner was three.

Vanessa Hudgens

vanessa austin

The former Disney Channel darling has three years on her other half Austin Butler.

Kate Hudson

nick jonas kate hudson getty images

The actress dated Nick Jonas for a period of time, despite their hefty 13 year age gap.

Research credit: Cayla Bamberger

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