Sharing her truth! Kenzie Ziegler grew up in the public eye, so she’s no stranger to the Los Angeles life. As she got older, the singer and former Dance Moms star decided to under go a plastic surgery procedure, revealing to fans in 2022 that she had gotten a nose job.

“I got my nose done. Just want to say that for everyone, if you’re wondering why I look really weird,” she told fans during a TikTok Live. “Right now, it’s still really swollen. So, I look really strange. Kind of scares me a little, but it’s fine.”

Keep reading for details on Kenzie’s plastic surgery transformation. 

Did Kenzie Ziegler Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, the former reality star got a nose job in 2022.

“I’ve been wanting it since I was a child,” Kenzie revealed during her TikTok Live. In a separate conversation with her social media followers, Kenzie immediately said she “regretted” the surgery. But, after a few days, she realized that “she is cute,” referring to her new nose.

Did Kenzie Ziegler Get a Nose Job?

Not only did she admit to getting a nose job on social media, but she sang about the experience in her July 2023 single, “Anatomy.” The track is about the relationship with her and sister Maddie Ziegler‘s estranged father.

In the track, she sang about changing her appearance “like three-quarters of L.A.” because people would note that her and her estranged father’s “noses are the same.” Initially, she was “hesitant” to release the song because of its “personal” nature.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that about me,” Kenzie explained to People about the song in a July 2023 interview. “But I also think that it could really help some people that are exactly like me to relate to this and not feel alone.”

While she admitted to having a “tricky relationship” with her dad, the singer revealed that she’s “OK” with where they stand now, during a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I kind of want him to hear it, because it’s how I feel, genuinely. I would never hate on him,” she added. “Life happens and that’s just how it goes. I hope he hears it and something good comes out of it.”

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