Fans very well know that Joe Jonas has truly found the one in Sophie Turner. The two became engaged a year after dating, and of course the rest of the Jonas clan is absolutely thrilled for the DNCE front man. Nick has opened up about the relationship his bro and future sister-in-law have, and now the oldest bro – Kevin, is dishing on the fam’s newest member. It should come as no surprise that he is absolutely thrilled for Jophie, and so is his wife Danielle.

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The two recently spoke with Us Weekly about the engagement and it should come as no surprise that Kevin had nothing but love for the future newlyweds. He said, “Oh my God. So happy for him. Welcome to the club.” His wife shared the same feelings by adding, “I’m so excited I get to have another Jonas girl. She is fun, sweet. She’s everything I would have wanted for Joe.” Awww! Talking about getting some pretty awesome reviews from your future family.

Aside from thinking the two are a match made in heaven, Kevin also thinks the Game of Thrones actress brings out the best qualities in his younger brother. He added, “She allows Joe to be everything that Joe is. He is an amazing person and it’s just interesting to see him be the best version of himself with her.” If that’s not a sign of true love, we’re not exactly sure what is.

Obviously the wedding is some ways away considering the couple just celebrated their engagement with a huge party, but it’s not far off their minds. Who knows, 2018 might be the year Joe Jonas officially becomes a married man. We’ll just have to wait and see if Jophie or any other members of their family drop any clues about their impending nuptials.

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