If you’re new to K-dramas, then you might be wondering who a certain actor is — and by certain actor, we mean Park Hyung-sik. You see, Park Hyung-sik is in nearly every fan-favorite Korean dramas there is, and is often referred to as the “King of K-Dramas.”

Keep reading to learn more about the actor!

Who Is Park Hyung-sik?

Park Hyung-sik has starred in iconic K-dramas such as The Heirs, The High Society, Soundtrack #1 and of course, Strong Girl Bong Soon — which is probably what he’s best known for.

Born on November 16, 1991 in Gyeonggi, South Korea, Park Hyung-sik actually started off a K-pop star! He debuted with the boy group ZE:A in 2010, until they disbanded in 2015.

Despite his impressive career, Park Hyung-sik was never actually committed to acting or singing while growing up. He revealed that his dreams changed often as a kid, from wanting to be a police officer, lawyer and even president.

“We all have a lot of dreams when we are young and my dreams would change all the time. Every day,” he told Elle Singapore in 2023. “I didn’t know how to act, but I watched and copied other actors — their actions, singing, accent, everything — and I was set on following that.” Then, “one thing led to another and I have been acting consistently since then. I always enjoyed the challenge and before I knew it, I reached this stage.”

Who Are Park Hyung-sik Friends?

ICYMI, Park Hyung-sik is super close with BTS’ V and the pair are even in the same friend group together, coined the “Wooga Squad.” The two met, alongside actor Park Seo Joon, while filming the 2016 K-drama titled Hwarang. After meeting famous Korean actors Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung-sik, the trio immediately hit it off.

Park Seo Joon later introduced his two costars to Parasite actor Choi Woo-shik and South Korean rapper Peakboy, creating their iconic friend group.

On top of that, Park Hyung-sik starred in the reality television series In the Soop: Friendcation with the Wooga Squad. The four-episode spin-off series saw the group embarking on a vacation together.

Who Is Park Hyung-sik Dating?

After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon aired in 2017, fans couldn’t help but wonder if the chemistry between Park Hyung-sik and costar Park Bo Young on screen translated into real life. While the pair have never confirmed they’re in a romantic relationship, they often gush over one another during interviews — even years later!

During a press interview in 2018, Park Hung Sik had nothing but kind words for his former costar. “Park Bo Young, I really loved you. You were that lovable. You were truly Bong Soon. Because you were the perfect Bong Soon, it was so natural for me to love you. I wanted to love you more but I’m sad it’s over.”

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