We’re taking it upon ourselves to put a new ship out into the universe: KJ Apa and Sabrina Carpenter. Now hear us out on this one: the “Almost Love” singer and Riverdale babe might just be the hottest new couple that totally isn’t a thing yet, but should be. And this isn’t just coming out on nowhere! There are some cold hard facts that perfectly sum why they would be great together, so it’s time they take the next step and being a thing.

KJ and Sabrina are already friends.

Yes, they know each other, so we’re not out here making this theory up out of thin air! Sabrina and KJ are co-stars in the upcoming movie, The Hate U Give. Originally, KJ’s character was played by Kian Lawley, but Kian was fired from the film after a video where he made racist and derogatory comments resurfaced and all of his scenes had to be re-shot with KJ. Moral of the story though — Sabs and KJ weren’t even meant to be in this movie together, and yet the universe did us a solid and put them in a movie together. Here they are posing together along with their other co-star, Algee Smith at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards:

kj sabrina algee

Like, how gorgeous do they look together already? 

There’s a Riverdale connection.

We know KJ is super close with his Riverdale family too and Sabrina is already cool with some of them, so major points there. Casey Cott, our dear Kevin Keller, played the love interest in her music video for “Why” and they’ve become good buds.

casey cott sabrina carpenter

And did we mention she knows Cole Sprouse, too? They’re both Disney Channel legends who happened to work together on a photo shoot. So she gets along with two people who mean a lot to KJ, always a good sign. 

They have so much in common.

KJ has skyrocketed to fame thanks to his role as Archie Andrews and being one of the leads on a hit show is a lot. It’s not easy to adjust to that sudden rush of fame. Sabrina has been acting and making music since she was a kid and she knows what it’s like to be on a popular show since she had a leading role on Girl Meets World. They can relate on how to deal with this whole fame thing since they’re both so young, with KJ being only 21 years old and Sabrina 19. They’re also both musicians along with being actors, too. Sabrina is gearing up to release her third album and KJ is a truly amazing guitarist who gets to sing on Riverdale every now and then too. Imagine the type of romantic duet we could get from them? Into it. 

So in case KJ and Sabrina decide to you know, go out on a date and who knows, maybe even fall in love, we’re going to take full credit for it happening. Just a heads up.

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