Lana Condor is the cutest dog mom! Her and fiancé Anthony De La Torre own two dogs together named Emmy and Timmy that they post all over their respective Instagrams.

“During these long work days I genuinely don’t know what I would do without my sweet angel @lilemmythepup 😭🐶,” wrote Lana in a September 2021 post. Oh, did we mention she made an Instagram for her dog Emmy?

Lana adopted Emmy in January 2019 after falling in love with the furry friend when filming a puppy video for Buzzfeed. And get this, she named him Emmy since she met Anthony at the Emmy’s — isn’t that the cutest?! Since then, she adopted her second dog in October 2021 and named him Timmy.

The To All the Boys actress has been very busy recently, starring in the movie Moonshot along with Riverdale actor Cole Sprouse. “I had honestly just never seen anything like [it] cross my desk,” she told TheWrap in March 2022 about her new film. “A sci-fi-like rom-com isn’t even really a genre because it’s not really done. And I was just so curious about that genre because I love to try new things.”

“I love the rom-com space,” Lana said. “I love films that are uplifting and sweet and don’t really take themselves too seriously. I think there’s like a time and place for everything, but I love when you can finish watching a movie or TV show and you [can leave] it on a good note. That’s very important to me.”

We love them too! The Moonshot actress has mentioned many times about her love of playing the character of Lara Jean in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before film series. “It’s been the most ultimate joy to be able to tell Lara Jean’s story and just represent our community. It means the most to me.”

She continued, “We were in Brazil, Noah and I were doing this big panel, and there’s, like, thousands of people there, and it was quite overwhelming. And then I saw this girl in the first couple of rows, and she had a little sign, and it was a handwritten sign that just said, ‘You saved my life.’ And in that moment, I realized if we can impact just one person, that is all that matters to me. The rest of it is just noise, you know? So, I feel very grateful and overwhelmed with the opportunity to be able to just make people feel seen and less alone.”

Scroll through our gallery to peep Lana’s puppy pics!

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