Actress Lana Condor has given fans all the tools they need for the ultimate self-care routine. As a part of E! News‘ “Wellness Wednesday” series, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star got real about what she does to take care of herself, especially when people have been stuck inside due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

“We tend to beat ourselves up all the time, comparing ourselves with others, feeling like we aren’t doing enough, or that we aren’t enough,” the 23-year-old said. “And I always say we need to be kinder to ourselves and soft. We need to talk to ourselves that way we’d talk to our best friends or loved one.”

Every day, the actress said she tries to remind herself that, “greatness is coming,” before telling fans that she makes an effort to “read every single day.”

“It grounds me and makes me feel in control. And I absolutely love thriller novels, so it keeps me entertained. I also feel like pleasure reading everyday keeps your brain active and your body calm,” Lana explained. “Staying hydrated is such a must — and I genuinely feel better when my body is fully hydrated.”

She continued, “Hydration is the number one self-care tip I can give! That, and being really gentle and soft with yourself.”

Lana said that stays healthy by eating “just a nice piece of fresh salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts in sunflower oil, and potatoes. Sometimes I’ll just put a little citrus and salt on my salmon, other days I’ll put some marinara sauce on the salmon, and it is so delicious,” but she does love to indulge just like the rest of us!

“My forever go-to indulgence is any type of pasta, and lots of delicious sauce. Although, I would not call it an indulgence because I honestly eat pasta every single day,” the Netflix star admitted.

When it comes to feeling good with some music, Lana recommended “We’re Gonna Be Alright,” by Before You Exit.

“I love this song because it just makes me feel hopeful for the future. And in moments of panic it really soothes me,” she dished.

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