Just because Liam Payne and Niall Horan can spit out One Direction lyrics at the drop of a hat, doesn’t mean they know exactly how each other’s solo songs by heart. In this case, Liam was trying to be super adorable and sing along to Nialler hit jam, “Slow Hands”, on his Instagram story. There was only one problem, his mouth kept moving when the lyrics had stopped. LOL! Liam totally messed up and was lip syncing the wrong part of the song – total “Slow Hands” rookie mistake. We have a feeling Niall won’t be too beat up over it, though. It’s cute enough as it is that Liam likes the song enough to sing along on his Instagram and make fun of himself at the same time.

While we’re not sure where Liam was when this video was filmed, it’s an iconic moment. It’s most likely backstage while Niall was actually performing at a Jingle Ball tour stop. Or it could have been during a rehearsal which is kind of even cuter because it means they listen to each other practice! Ugh, seriously, for every Directioner who has been praying that the boys get back together, this whole thing might be able to hold you over until the real reunion.

On his Instagram story, Liam wrote the message across his face that said, “When you sing the wrong part of the song.” We’re #DYING.

The boys have really been making a splash on social media ever since the Jingle Ball concerts began. From watching golf and playing Playstation in hotel rooms, to having fun on the red carpet to lip syncing each other’s songs, it’s been One Direction heartthrob heaven. Liam chatted about getting to hang out with Niall again to Entertainment Tonight and admitted that nothing has changed between them. Even though he now has a child, Bear Payne, and Niall has released his solo album, when they come back together it’s all the same.

Liam explained, “I mean we played a bit of Playstation yesterday in my hotel room in San Jose. He came and hung out for a little bit, but it’s just so nice to see him. I don’t know when you see someone you haven’t seen for ages. you become the same person that you were with them. I don’t know, it’s very interesting.” Keep the cuteness coming, boys!

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