Eve’s great, no matter where she goes! Life-Size premiered via ABC in March 2000 and has since become a classic.

Starring Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks, the film followed the story of a young girl named Casey (Lindsay) who attempted to resurrect her late mother but instead brought her doll Eve (Tyra) to life.

“On weekends, Lindsay and her sister Ali [Lohan], and her brothers Michael [Lohan] and Cody [Lohan], would come to my apartment and we’d pop popcorn and watch movies,” Tyra told Bustle in March 2020, when celebrating the movie’s 20th anniversary. “And every now and then I’ll be on social media and I’ll see all of them. And I’m like, ‘Whoa.’ They’re children in my brain. I can’t believe they’re adults now. It’s weird.”

Following the success of the first movie, Tyra reprised her role of Eve for Freeform’s Life-Size 2, which premiered in December 2018. When discussing the sequel with the Los Angeles Times in November of that same year, Tyra explained that it was something she had been working on for “about five years. The model-turned-actress explained that it was “exciting” for her to step into Eve’s shoes again.

“I studied with a coach and really wanted to make sure that I didn’t play [Eve] as a caricature and that I maintained a lot of the things that people liked about it in the beginning,” Tyra shared. “But I wanted it to be a lot funnier. I wanted to make sure that it was speaking to the audience that had grown up with the original. And that’s why we decided to put it on Freeform instead of Disney Channel, because we realized that the audience that was so obsessed with Life-Size is now grown up and they even have kids.”

Although Lindsay didn’t get to make an appearance in the second movie, she “really wanted to,” Tyra told the newspaper. The Dancing With the Stars host reflected on working alongside the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen star calling her “super professional.”

“I remember, she would have to go to school all the time. And sometimes she would kind of be dodging the teacher, it was like a game for me to find her hiding behind a cupboard or something,” Tyra shared. “I’d tell her to go to class. I remember it like it was yesterday. When I run into her today, no matter where it is, I see that little girl.”

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