Get ready, guys, because Lili Reinhart‘s brand new movie is finally here! That’s right, Chemical Hearts is set to be released on August 21, and we can’t wait!

To totally prepare for release day, the Riverdale star took to Instagram and shared the film’s first trailer with followers. And after watching the entire thing, it’s safe to say that this romantic movie is going to be good! For those who missed it, according to EW, the film — based on Krystal Sutherland‘s Young Adult novel Our Chemical Hearts — follows Lili’s character, Grace Town, who is “a mysterious new girl in school who wears baggy clothes and walks with a limp. She joins the school newspaper staff, at which point her colleague Henry Page can’t stop thinking about her. As he grows closer to her, he’ll learn more about first love, heartbreak, and loss than he ever imagined.”

Previously, the actress chatted with the magazine about the flick, which she called “beautiful.”

“Young love stories that don’t have happy endings are also stories that need to be told,” Lili dished. “Chemical Hearts is the kind of movie that portrays young love in a realistic light in the sense that it f**king hurts sometimes. And oftentimes it does not go the way you want it to. And you can have this idea of someone and they don’t measure up to what you want them to be.”

She continued, “This film is different because these two people are struggling and Henry’s projecting what he wants her to be onto her; that’s a more adult topic in romance movies, it happens with like people in their 30s. I mean, it’s hard to watch a movie where the teenagers… end up together, like, ‘Wow, that’s fine. That’s all happy!’ But it doesn’t really leave you with anything because it’s not real. I like movies that leave an impact on you and make you think. That’s life, and that’s more realistic.”

Ugh, can it be August 21 already!

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