Lili Reinhart wants to make something very clear. Being linked to a man *cough, cough, her boyfriend Cole Sprouse* is not something she wants to be known for. While everyone loves shipping their favorite Riverdale stars together, Lili is a hardworking, talented woman. So when people address her simply as someone’s “girlfriend,” well, that’s just not OK.

“There is still a problem here if you feel the need to say a man’s name, or someone who is more famous that is connected to me, in order to get someone to read an article about me… I’m not a boring person,” Lili explained in an interview with Vogue. “I don’t need someone else’s name on a headline to make me sound more interesting.”

“The mean comments, lack of privacy, people wanting to know everything, being in stressful situations, having to be a public speaker even when you don’t feel like it, having to be ‘on’ 24-7.” Lili said. “I don’t have any sympathy for people who go online and attack people for no other reason than to get attention, or to start an army of hate against a celebrity. You need to find something better to do with your time.”

Despite the negativity that she receives from being in the spotlight, Lili went on to say how grateful she is to work with her best friends.

“I know that I will never have another opportunity like this again to work with the people I’m closest with,” the 22-year-old actress said. “They make working in a job that is not very easy, manageable.”

Plus, her platform allows her to speak out about issues that are important to her. Next month, the star will be speaking at Glamour‘s “Women of the Year Summit,” and she plans on talking about rising above your insecurities.

“I feel inspired by all the recognition women in Hollywood are getting,” Lili said. “I think it is well earned, and about time.”

Yaaas Lili, keep doing you!

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