Once upon a time (er, back in 2013), a particular video app by the name of Vine ruled the social media world. Well, it’s backing it’s comeback – and it is widely believed Logan Paul isn’t invited to the party after his recent scandal involving showing a dead body on YouTube. But tbh, the fact that he’s been banned already is total fake news.

Let’s start from the beginning here. Many of of the most social media famous stars of today (like Logan and Jake Paul, Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, the Dolan Twins, Lele Pons and Rudy Mancuso) got their start at fame from their viral 6-second clips on Vine. This was only the beginning for the creators though. They began making longer content on YouTube, landing television and movie gigs, going on tour – and even taking the music industry by storm (cough, cough, Shawn). But now, after watching Vine fade into a distant memory, a new 2018 version of the app is making its debut. Enter: Vine 2.

Now let’s get to the bottom of this whole ~Logan is banned~ thing. Vine 2 has some sketchy fake Twitter accounts floating around – and one of those accounts sent out a series of tweets saying that the web star is not welcome, stating that handle “@LoganPaul” will be blocked from the app. Hmm. Seems fishy. Mostly because of the fact that Logan could easily make another username, but also because of the random capitalization of words in their, uh, “announcement.”

“Logan Paul has been banned from the Vine 2 Platform,” the fake account “@Vine2Team” tweeted. “We condemn the inhumane acts of the Video regarding ‘Taunting’ a Dead Body found in a Japanese Forest. There will be no place for toxic activity on our platform.”

vine 2 fake tweet 1

They went on to tweet a graphic Vine creator Dom Hoffman (who’s the man behind the second app too) originally posted, essentially making it seem like the community forum guidelines he created were directly created because of Logan.

vine 2 fake tweet 2

Not only is the account lacking the little verification checkmark that guarantees legitimacy, but Dom himself confirmed that the app does not yet have its own Twitter account.

vine 2 twitter

Whether or not the OG creators Vine made famous will return, we do not know. However, it seems as though they’ll all be welcome back – until we learn otherwise, of course.

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