YouTuber Logan Paul is finally opening up about the allegations against him regarding an explicit video that went viral on December 21, 2019. For those who missed it, the 24-year-old trended number one globally on Twitter after a leaked video of someone who looked like the social media star partaking in a sexual act made its way around the web. Now, he’s telling his side of the story.

First, he explained to listeners that he was at dinner in New York City with Mike Majlak and “some very important people” when his brother, Jake Paul, texted him to tell him that he was trending on Twitter.

“I go on Twitter…Logan Paul is trending. When I see my name trending, I’m like what is it this time?” he explained on the January 9, 2010 episode of his Impaulsive podcast. “Logan Paul video leaked. And I’m really scrubbing my memory at this time. I know I party hard. I’m 99% sure I did not [do this]. But who knows… it’s life.”

Mike, the show’s cohost, then went on to explain the steps they took to ensure this didn’t spread.

“Get the PR team on the line, get the management on the line, everybody come together,” he said before they realized, “This time, it was a crisis that we did not cause.”

“I will say, it’s cool that I was ‘trending’ [and] ‘staying relevant’,” Logan continued. “So, I did what I do best and trolled the entire f**king internet.”

After the video started spreading, the social media star said he immediately took to Twitter.

“You know, we absorbed the controversy and I found out when I flew back to Ohio and I was hanging out with my young cousins. If you were under the age of 18, a lot of people really thought that was me,” he said. “I have people coming up to me in the mall, on camera, a paparazzi asked me today. They go ‘was that you in the tape?’ and I just can’t help but laugh.”

Previously, a few days after the video was first leaked, Logan went on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio podcast and addressed the situation.

“There was ten seconds of confusion, like someone threw a smoke bomb,” he said. “This is the first time, the first time something went viral on Twitter and I trended, for not doing anything. I did nothing. This one was a surprise to me.”

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