Ever since the news hit the web that Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau were getting married, the world has been wondering one thing. And that is — is their relationship real or are they faking this all for some clout? Well guys, the YouTuber’s brother, Logan Paul, just spilled some major tea on the engagement, and you #Jana shippers might want to brace yourselves because he’s totally convinced that it’s all a publicity stunt!

“My brother is engaged. Is he though? Jake, are you?” he said during his recent “Impaulsive” podcast.

“Nah, it’s for the clout,” one of his friends responded. But Logan, 24, seemed unsure.

“Is it dude?” he added. “My initial reaction was yes, this is a publicity stunt. Then I’m like, this is a dude with tattoos all over his body, he got an earring, he’s done some silly things and I’m not sure this is quite above him. I think he might’ve done it.”

OK, so it seems like Logan is just as clueless as we all are, LOL. As fans know, Jake seemingly asked the MTV star to marry him during her 21st birthday party on Sunday, June 23. She shared a few clips of the proposal — which consisted of a giant cake that said, “Tana, will you marry me?” — and the gorgeous diamond ring to her Instagram Stories.

Jake Paul Tana Mongeau Engaged

But when fans started to question the validity of it, the blonde beauty took to Twitter where she insisted that it was indeed real.

Tana Mongeau Tweet

Logan and his friends reviewed all the clues, and in the end, they decided that they didn’t think the engagement was real.

“[Tana] said it’s not a stunt, man,” Logan continued, although he didn’t seem too convinced. “At what point do people just stop believing anything she says. And Tana, you know I love you.”

Rumors first started swirling that Jake and Tana were dating after she posted a selfie in his bed back in April. And since then, they’ve been practically inseparable — always hanging out, collaborating on videos, packing on the PDA, getting matching tattoos and gushing over each other on social media. They even started selling #Jana merch! But since they both love to do crazy things for some views (and let us not forget the time Jake had a fake wedding to Erika Costell for his vlog!), fans are convinced they’re playing the relationship up for clout. We guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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