Despite what the internet has said, YouTuber Logan Paul has denied all allegations regarding an alleged explicit video that went viral on Saturday, December 21. For those who missed it, the 24-year-old trended number one globally on Twitter after an alleged leaked video of someone who looked like the social media star partaking in a sexual act made its way around the web. After the video started spreading, the social media star took to Twitter to responded to the allegations.

“100k retweets and I’ll release the full sex tape,” he joked, adding, “James Charles — [you’re] next,” in another tweet.

“When click bait turns to d**k bait,”  he wrote in another post on Twitter.

Despite making jokes of the situation, Logan later sat down with Kevin Clancy to clear the air once and for all.

“So, what happened was, there was this video of this guy that looked like me,” he explained on Barstool Sports’ “KFC Radio” podcast on Monday, December 23. “I took a step back. We had to decide how do we play this? Do I say it’s fake? So, I decided to do what I do best and just troll f**king everybody.”

The controversial influencer denied the entire situation and told listeners that it wasn’t him in the video after all.

“There was ten seconds of confusion, like someone threw a smoke bomb,” he continued. “This is the first time, the first time something went viral on Twitter and I trended, for not doing anything. I did nothing. This one was a surprise to me.”

Fans were quick to speculate whether or not the video was real, and some other YouTube stars even weighed in on the situation. “Drama Alert” — also known as Keemstar — wasn’t convinced it was really Logan in the explicit video.

“[It’s] probably not him,” he told fans. “Definitely looks like him! You can’t see his face good enough.”

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