It looks like Loren Gray is not upset at all that Charli D’Amelio just took her throne as the most followed person on TikTok. Yep, with more than 41.9 million people following her, Charli has just surpassed Loren, who used to hold the title with 41.5 million followers.

“I’ve never been here for followers. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I’m rooting for Charli. I think she’s amazing. It’s never been a competition,” Loren said. “I’m happy y’all! No need to put girls against each other. I’m here for fun and for you. Please don’t bring down one person to lift the other.”

Get this, you guys — back in February, when we caught up with Loren she even called Charli one of her favorite TikTokers!

“Obviously Charli is killing it right now,” the influencer gushed when we asked her who she likes to watch on the video streaming app. “She’s so cute, she’s killing it with her dancing. I would love to learn from her, she’s got some good moves. I also watch my friends a lot — Brooke [Kier]Brent RiveraEva Gutowski. I watch a lot of people that I’m associated with, and of course, the ‘For You’ page always makes me laugh.”

But wait, how did Loren go from being a normal girl to an internet sensation, you ask?

“I just started posting to when I was 13. I didn’t really know it was a social media platform at the time, but then I woke up one day and had quite a few followers on Instagram,” the brunette beauty told us. “I didn’t even know that social media fame even existed. Then I figured it out and I just kind of stuck with it and I was consistent and tried to stay in my own lane and stay focused. I love it, I’m really happy. Even though it happened by accident, I’m really happy it happened. I feel like it’s always been kind of gradual and it’s always been a steady thing. It’s not like a exploded over night, it was kind of a steady climb. It was just something I got used to, it’s something I was doing since I was so young so it’s kind of my life now.”

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