What’s next for Louis Partridge? The TV heartthrob has made a name for himself as Viscount Tewkesbury in Netflix’s Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 alongside Millie Bobby Brown — but he’s currently booked and busy with exciting projects on the horizon. Keep reading to uncover all of Louis’ upcoming roles!

One of the first projects Louis worked on following the success of the first Enola Holmes movie in 2020 was FX’s Pistol which premiered in May 2022. The English actor played Sid Vicious, the real-life musician from the late ’70s rock band, Sex Pistols.

“The best part about Pistol being out is that people finally get to see what I’ve been banging on about for the past year,” Louis told Esquire in May 2022. “I’ve been so excited for people to see the work we all put into the show. Also, this role takes a different turn to the ones I’ve done before, so I’m excited for people to see me roughed up.”

The Enola Holmes star revealed to the outlet that there was also a lot of “pressure” to tell the story behind Sid. “I think the ability to tell his story – and depict his life in a way that feels true–is a real privilege. Hearing positive feedback from the people who were there is probably the most rewarding part of all. Knowing that you’ve told the story honestly makes it all worth it.”

Following Pistol, Louis starred in Enola Holmes 2 which dropped on Netflix in November 2022. Additionally, the young star is set to appear in  upcoming film Ferryman and a TV series called Disclaimer, where he will be playing a character named Jonathan Brigstocke. 

“I’m very excited to start working with Alfonso Cuarón on a series called Disclaimer,” he told Esquire. “Like with Pistol, it’s a challenging part, but a great opportunity to learn from some real masters of their craft. I’m nervous, but have learned from experience that it’s important to feel nerves–it means you care, and when you care about something, you work harder at it. It’s an actor’s job to make the audience care, and if you’re not interested then there’s no reason they should be.”

Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the projects Louis is set to work on following Enola Holmes.

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