After being in the spotlight for more than six years, it’s safe to say Louis Tomlinson can decipher between a real fan and someone who just wants to take a photo with him for Instagram likes. Of course, Instagram likes are always appreciated, but wouldn’t it be much more memorable to have a conversation with your idol than just snap a photo and run away? You’d think so. And Louis is so not about the “picture taking only” culture. He actually despises it. So, you can go tell your friend Karen that if she wants to like a photo of you with the former One Direction cutie, then you’re going to need to chat him up a little bit beforehand.

The “Back To You” singer chatted with Metro and said, “When it’s a fan, it’s a fan and they are amazing people. They are the f–king reason I do what I do. But, when you are in a bar and you know someone has just come up to ask you for a photo for Facebook, you are like, ‘You know what lad, I don’t want to be famous. And I don’t want to be famous for you taking a photo, so you can put it on Facebook…’ That’s not my vibe.” Yikes.

So, note to self, do not ask Louis for a photo without some sort of interaction in the first place. He seems pretty adamant about this one. However, something else he said stood out as well. The fact that he says he doesn’t want to be famous and he doesn’t want to become even more famous for a photo that goes viral on the Internet. To be honest, we had no idea he felt this way, but it makes sense. Louis is really into his music and it seems like he’d rather be known for that than who he is hanging out with during his time off. Makes sense.

He explained, “It sounds simple, but when people say, ‘Your latest single was amazing,’ it means a lot. So it’s nice sometimes to hear something other than, ‘Can I have a photo? Can you follow me on Twitter?’ To actually have a chat with people is cool.” We’ll keep that in mind.

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