A week wouldn't go by if we didn't have an absurd Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Larry theory that the fandom has so creatively come up with. This time, though, we can easily debunk it. Directioners or Larry shippers, as they might be more appropriately called, believe that Louis' new song "Just Like You" is about Hazza. More specifically, it seems like they think it is a response to Harry's track "Sweet Creature" which lots of fans thought was about Louis. While there are some good parallels and connections, both boys have said the meaning behind these tracks and none of their verbiage points to each other.

In any case, let's take a look at the ridiculous ways "Just Like You" is supposedly directed at Harry. One Twitter user seems to think the lyric, "It’s the guy from the one band," is about Harry. He is the guy from the band. There's a photo at the bottom right of the college that shows Louis and Harry getting close. Sure, it's possible but it's more probable that Louis is referring to himself from an outsider's point of view.

Here's another one. This person is pointing out a lyric from Harry's song and Louis' alleged response lyric.

And we've got another call and response from Harry and Louis. It's kind of getting comical, you guys.

This next one is wild. One of Louis' lyrics reads, "If I had it my way, pub lunch every Sunday / Cheap beer and it’s okay." This Twitter user actually found an old interview with the boys where Harry said, "I was having Sunday lunch at a pub…and it was brilliant." If I said it wasn't mind-blowing, I'd be lying. But, still, there's just no way Louis was thinking of Harry when he wrote that line. It can't be.

Now, the #FACTS. Louis revealed in a recent interview that the song is about making him seem more real and more human. Because he's such a huge superstar, it's easy for people to forget that he has emotions, he has problems and he has to deal with things just like every other person out there. He said of the track, "It's hard for anyone to get your head around. It was important to me to write a song that could humanize me as much as possible and that the fans can really feel I’m just like them. Honest and vulnerable and real."

Not only that but if fans STILL think there's some Larry romance happening, we need to think again because Harry debunked the rumors himself when he was asked if "Sweet Creature" was about Louis. He said, "I think if you really listen to the lyrics, I think you can work out if it's really about [Tomlinson] or not. And I would lean towards no." So everyone can rest easy. The Larry ship is real but the IRL romance is not.

We should probably let this one go and just be happy that Louis wrote this song with his FANS in mind. That, in and of itself, should make us all want it on repeat. Not some ridiculous Larry Stylinson theory.

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