Before Luke Benward stole our hearts in the Dumplin’, the actor was actually a total Disney Channel legend. He starred in the a ton of Disney Channel original movies but it was on set of Cloud 9 where he met and got super close with Dove Cameron. And naturally, since they’re two of our favorite stars, we instantly became obsessed with Dove and Luke’s friendship. That’s why we could hardly contain our excitement when it was announced that they were going to star in another movie together. That’s right, the Disney stars reunited when they both starred in Dumplin’ — but we just found out that they actually didn’t see each other once while they were filming the movie.

Umm, we’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty bummed. We were all pretty disappointed when we noticed that the pair had very little interaction during the Netflix flick. And Luke just revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he was just as upset about it as we all were.

“It was great because we were all staying in the same hotel and we’d all get dinner and that kind of stuff,” he dished about hanging with the cast in-between takes. “I was able to get close with everyone, except the one person who I knew going into the production – Dove.”

Luke Dove

“I didn’t even see her one time,” the 23-year-old added. “It was insane. I missed Dove. I hadn’t seen her in like five years and we were in this same movie, and never even crossed paths.”

Well, that’s definitely a little heartbreaking. Dove and Luke’s friendship is one of our all time favorites, especially because the Clueless: The Musical star recently gushed about kissing the actor during Cloud 9. “We had to kiss in the audition in order to get our roles [in Cloud 9],” the actress told Seventeen Magazine. “I was so shy you guys, so intimidated; and he’s like this massive mountain man, even when he was 17.”

Dove admitted that although she was playing it cool, she was super nervous about their smooch. Aw! We hope the Disney stars reunite soon!

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