Fans were shook when former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler took to Instagram on Sunday, March 15 and cozied up to her boyfriend Eddie Benjamin while the couple laid in bed together. As fans know, the 17-year-old dancer has kept her recent relationship with the Australian musician pretty private, so her 13.5 million followers were definitely shocked when Maddie posted the PDA-filled pic.

“We’re sending everyone calm and positive vibes,” she captioned the steamy snap.

Many of Maddie’s followers were quick to leave positive messages on the selfie, with some referring to the pair as “the cutest couple ever.” But one negative commenter caught the attention of the star’s mom, Melissa Gisoni. The 51-year-old clapped back at an internet troll who called the picture “inappropriate,” and defended her daughter.

“This pic looks a little inappropriate,” wrote the follower. Melissa replied, “He has his shirt off for god’s sake! He’s a boy!”

Maddie Ziegler Posts Rare Photo With Boyfriend Eddie Benjamin

Previously, in a September 2019 interview with Marie Claire, Maddie got real about why she decided to keep her current relationship with Eddie out of the public eye.

“I had a public relationship for two years, and I am never, ever going to make any relationship public as much as I did,” she told the publication “I learned my lesson. On Instagram, people have assumed certain people that I am dating, but I’m just like, give it a rest.”

As fans know, before she started dating Eddie, Maddie was in a pretty serious (and pretty public) relationship with Australian influencer Jack Kelly. The former lovebirds were first spotted together in January 2017 and after almost two full years of PDA-filled snaps and adorable YouTube collaborations, the two seemingly went their separate ways in August 2018. Although it’s still unclear why they broke up, it looks like Maddie has moved onto a new a man!

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