She’s a star! Outer Banks fans may know Madison Bailey by her denim shorts and bathing suit tops while running around the OBX as Kiara in the Netflix show, but the actress is actually a major style icon.

“I still wear skinny jeans,” she told InStyle in February 2021 of her personal style. “I wear jeans 24/7, so I have to have a mixture of everything. Other people have like, ‘bottoms,’ and I’m genuinely just like, ‘No, it’s jeans — it’s just jeans.’ So, I love me some mom jeans, cropped jeans, and I do love skinny jeans. Something about skinny jeans, [Converse] Chucks, and a crop top will never go out of style in my mind.”

While that’s more of her day-to-day look, the Netflix star loves to dress up for various red carpet events. However, there are some style rules she always follows.

“I love [tops] with one sleeve or one strap,” Madison explained during the same InStyle interview. “I am still a tiny tank top, tiny crop top person; I don’t buy full shirts anymore. If it’s not a bodysuit or a crop top, it’s probably not in my wardrobe still. That’s just me, personally. But, I do like oversized, so I’ll do an oversized T-shirt with skinny jeans. I always balance it out. I don’t like wearing two baggy pieces of clothing [at the same time].”

Outer Banks fans have even taken notice of Madison’s style, as there are Instagram accounts dedicated to what she wears. The Madison Bailey Fashion Instagram account has racked up over two thousand followers and tells them where exactly they are able to copy Madison’s various looks.

While she loves fashion and dressing up, the North Carolina native’s biggest passion is her career.

“Acting is my passion. I’m genuinely happy on set,” she told Bello Magazine. “I would do it all for free!”

As for the character of Kiara specifically, Madison was drawn to the fact that “she was so many things that needed to be represented for young girls.” The actress added, “It’s given me so much fulfillment. I couldn’t be more proud of the project and energy we put out.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Madison’s best red carpet looks over the years. 

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