Making a name for himself! Madison Beer‘s boyfriend, Nick Austin, is so much more than a TikTok star. The California native used to be part of a content house, but he’s become a major YouTube star.

Keep reading for everything to know about the internet personality. 

How Old is Nick Austin?

Nick was born on July 1, 2000, and made a name for himself as a part of TikTok’s Hype House.

What Is Nick Austin’s Job?

Other than creating TikTok videos, Nick has racked up millions of subscribers on YouTube as well.

TikTok Star Nick Austin: Meet Madison Beer's Boyfriend, His Job, More
Nick Austin/Instagram

He’s also a pretty high-profile poker player, even creating his own Instagram account to showcase his poker games and subsequent winnings.

Are Nick Austin and Madison Beer Still Together?

The couple is still going strong!

“I’m super happy within my relationship, and I feel really safe, and I feel like I’m with someone I consider my best friend, which is very important,” Madison shared in an interview with InStyle in February 2023. “In the past, I haven’t really spent ‘friend time’ with my boyfriend, whereas now, I kind of do. So, it feels good.”

Nick and Madison first sparked romance rumors in August 2020, after they were spotted out to dinner in Los Angeles. They made things Instagram official a few months later in March 2021. Since then, the duo has been notoriously private when it comes to details about their dating life.

Madison explained the decision to make her realtionship private while appearing on the Zach Sang Show in March 2021.

“I’ve just chosen to not to talk about it publicly because I feel like it’s been going great offline, and I would like to keep it that way,” the singer explained. “It’s, you know, it just complicates it all the time and I feel like me and said individual are very happy offline.”

She also gushed about the “beautiful relationship” in a separate interview.

“We’re really private,” Madison explained while appearing on the “Pretty Basic Podcast” in June 2023. “And we don’t really post about each other often because, I had two other public relationships, and I felt like it took away from our intimacy — and also, it’s no one’s business, quite frankly.”

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