When it comes to tattoos, Mads Lewis has a few! The influencer has shown off her ink designs in various TikTok videos and Instagram photos. However, the internet star has kept quiet about the meaning behind her ink.

In December 2022, the former Chicken Girls star uploaded a video on TikTok alongside a caption that read, “Me when I don’t show my tattoos.” After smiling at the camera, Mads turned around and lifted up her sweater to show off her back, which was covered with various ink designs — some big and others small.

As it turns out, the first tattoo she added to her collection was a giant flower that reads, “beautiful,” down the middle of her spine, according to a mini tattoo tour shared via TikTok in June 2021. This also serves as her biggest tattoo thus far. It appears that this might be a nod to her slogan, “Just Remember You’re Beautiful,” which appears at the end of every one of her Instagram captions. Mads has also released a merch collection that features the same motto.

Following the prompts in the TikTok sound, Mads went on to share her “most painful tattoo,” which was a skeleton butterfly on her shoulder with the words “peace of mind” inked above and “anyways” tattooed below.

When asked to show off her “most meaningful tattoo,” the influencer explained that it was “all of them.” As for her smallest tattoo, Mads has a tiny cross inked on her foot, which fans don’t often get to see.

Although she mentioned that all of them are meaningful, Mads noted that her favorite is a small bird inked on her shoulder with the word “birdie” underneath it. Some fans have speculated that this is a nod to her Chicken Girls character, which is responsible, in part, for Mads’ rise to fame. The actress played the role from 2017 until 2020.

“I try to bring out my inner Regina George. I play the mean girl. I’m actually really nice. I love everything about acting,” Mads Everly Mag in 2018 of her role on the show. “Sometimes it’s hard, but I don’t have to be super mean so it’s not too bad. Yes, I do sometimes worry that people will think that I’m really mean. Luckily, the fans I have had the pleasure [of] meeting know that I am actually really nice!”

These aren’t the only tats she’s gotten over the years! Scroll through our gallery for all the photos. 

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