Take a walk down memory lane with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Fans of the twins will remember their throwback movies, including Holiday in the Sun, Switching Goals, and Winning London, among others, but what are the boys who played their love interests up to now?

While some of them stepped out of the spotlight to live a life out of the public eye, others continued to act and have made major names for themselves in Hollywood. Jared Padalecki, for example, played Trey Lipton in the girls’ 2004 film New York Minute. One year later, he went on to star as Sam Winchester in Supernatural, which lasted for 15 seasons. But don’t worry, the actor never forgot where he came from acting-wise. During an interview with Tribute Canada, Jared recalled locking lips with Mary-Kate while the cameras were rolling.

“You try and play it cool and downplay it and then you brag about it to your friends for days and days and days,” he recalled. “It is a little nerve-wrecking, especially because it’s their first one so you don’t want to mess it up for them … it was a fun little experience. She’s huge, the pressure is on.”

Another former Mary-Kate love interest, Ethan Peck, spoke about giving the former actress her first onscreen smooch in Passport to Paris while chatting with Uproxx in 2016.  “Because they were my age, I had some sort of peripheral awareness. They weren’t a big presence in my mind but I was definitely aware of them,” the former 10 Things I Hate About You actor shared.

Broker Way plays the other young leading man in Passport to Paris. We actually flew sitting next to each other, so we became friends,” Ethan added. “And when we got there we totally hit it off with the girls. Mary-Kate played my love interest in the movie and I remember Broker and I were each attracted to the opposite and it was equally reciprocated. But they were both great and we had a fun time. They were totally normal kids, as I recall.”

Aside from Jared and Ethan, some of Hollywood’s finest kicked off their careers with a coveted role in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. While some appearances are definitely more memorable than others, we gave a major update on many of these leading men! Scroll through our gallery to see what Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s onscreen love interests are up to now. 

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