Forever icons! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are known for their iconic series of films and playing Michelle Tanner in Full House back in the day, but they’ve also taken over the fashion world throughout their time in the spotlight.

“I don’t know how conscious we were of what we were doing at that time, to be really honest,” Ashley told I-D magazine in a rare interview with the twins from June 2021 about creating their fashion brand, The Row. “We had just moved to New York. We were 18 years old and I think what we did know was that we wanted to take that time to take a break from what we were previously doing and to explore things that interested us, and explore what life has to offer. … We wanted to explore making something of ourselves.”

During their early days in Hollywood, the sisters were known for their matching outfits and classic flicks like Holiday in the Sun. But creating their now-iconic label was never about putting themselves front and center.

“We didn’t want to be in front of it, we didn’t necessarily even want to let people know it was us,” Ashley told the publication. “It was really about the product, to the point where we were like: Who could we get to front this so that we don’t have to?”

However, when it comes to reflecting on the beginning of their careers, the sisters like to stay tight-lipped. Mary-Kate referred to them as “discreet people — that’s how we were raised.” In the interview, she also noted that they’re “very much perfectionists and hard workers, and we’ve always been hard workers.” Shifting their careers to fashion allowed them to stay true to themselves.

Despite taking a backseat from acting, Mary-Kate and Ashley have still managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of Hollywood. In fact, any time either one of them steps foot onto a red carpet, their look is praised by fans and fashion-lovers.

Gone are the days of matching red carpet looks and movies like Switching Goals and Billboard Dad. Now, the girls are all fashion all the time. Click through our gallery to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s transformation over the years. 

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