He’s already a fan favorite! Andrew Liner took the role of Mason Ashford from the page to the screen when Peacock’s Vampire Academy premiered in September 2022.

“He is a Dhampir novice. He is fun. He is lovable. He is extremely caring. He’s like a little angel,” the actor told J-14 exclusively about his character. “He’s a fighter. He fights for what he wants and he fights for those he cares about. Him and Rose (Sisi Stringer) have a very interesting relationship. He’s very, very into her and you, kind of, see how that relationship blossoms.”

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Who Plays Mason Ashford in the ‘Vampire Academy’ Show?

Andrew was born on October 7, 2000, and prior to his role as Mason, nabbed a role as Rodney on Grown-ish.

“I’m so humbled and thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to appear on @grownish Season 3 Junior year!” he shared on Instagram in November 2019. “Everyone in the cast and crew treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. As you would guess I had a blast! Much love.”

Who Plays Mason Ashford in the 'Vampire Academy'? Get to Know Actor Andrew Liner
Jose Haro/Peacock

What Has Andrew Liner Said About Playing Mason Ashford?

When it comes to this role, Andrew had to acknowledge the love triangle between Mason, Rose and Dimitri (Kieron Moore).

‘It’s a pretty big thing. I think the interesting thing about our love triangle is these two men live in this world. It’s a shared experience they have as Dhampirs, so they both have the utmost respect for one another and they both see the good that they provide Rose,” Andrew explained to J-14 about Mason and Dimitri. “There’s no hatred. … We’re also on the same team, you know? So, I think that it provides for a really interesting take on a love triangle really.”

The Freeform alum reiterated this point about his character during a separate interview.

“Mason and Dimitri have an utmost respect for one another,” Andrew also told E! News. “And with that comes this shared love for one woman and comradery, and they’re both struggling as Dhampirs. So, I think it’s kind of this shared live-in experience completely, which is fascinating.”

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