Stealing hearts and taking names! Kieron Moore plays the role of Dimitri Belikov in Peacock’s Vampire Academy, and the up-and-coming actor is already making a name for himself in Hollywood. Keep reading for more details. 

Who Plays Dimitri Belikov in ‘Vampire Academy’?

Kieron had a few roles before being cast as Dimitri in the highly anticipated TV show adaptation of the Vampire Academy book series. Fans can see the English actor as Clifford Starkey in the Masters of the Air miniseries or playing Dylan in Netflix’s Sex Education. He even guest-starred as Crispin in another Netflix series, The Sandman. However, his role as Dimitri is about to make the up-and-coming actor a household name.

“Once I booked the job, I took the time to read the first few books. It felt like a reasonability to do that and I’m so glad I did that because the blueprint that it laid out is great,” Kieron told Showbiz Junkies in August 2022. “We kept that to achieve the essence of this character, I hope, the essences. So, yeah, I am now a huge fan of the Vampire Academy and I understand why this is so loved and I hope that new audiences come out to our show and fall in love with the books just as much as we have.”

Who Plays Dimitri Belikov in 'The Vampire Academy' Series? Meet Kieron Moore
Jose Haro/Peacock

For those who didn’t read the book series by Richelle Mead, the character of Dimitri is a Dhampir guardian. Peacock’s official description of the character refers to him as “lethal, disciplined, discreet, and totally committed to his role as bodyguard to the ruling Moroi, the ‘good,’ mortal vampires of his world. He lives by a deep moral code, but beneath his stoic, watchful surface, there’s an expansive spirit that could threaten to expose the underlying tension between his sense of what’s right and his formal duty to the Moroi.”

Not to mention, Dimitri has a major love triangle with Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer).

What Has Kieron Moore Said About Playing Dimitri Belikov?

“I think for me just Dimitri’s devotion to what he does, be it protecting the Moroi or be it his love for Rose which flourishes as the book goes on. Yeah, he’s a man that goes all the way,” Kieron also told Showbiz Junkies. “I think Dimitri, as the series goes on, finds that Rose will have different kinds of superpowers that are quite human which he falls in love with in different ways.”

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