There’s a new Dawn Schafer in town, and her name is Kyndra Sanchez! The actress took over the role originated by Xochitl Gomez for season 2 of Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club.

In a YouTube video from March 2021, the streaming service announced that Kyndra would be the newest sitter. “Xochitl Gomez, who played Dawn in season 1, booked an exciting new project! While she won’t be joining us for season 2, we are so happy for her and wish her the best. She will forever be a member of the BSC,” the video’s captions read. “Now … are you ready to meet our new Dawn? Welcome to the club, Kyndra!”

While Kyndra screamed with excitement after being asked to join the Baby-Sitter’s Club, she could also be heard saying, “Oh my God, this is a dream come true!”

Following her casting announcement, Kyndra chatted with Seventeen and revealed that she was drawn to her character’s drive, noting that she “actually manifested getting this role.”

“We both care for the environment and have this fire inside of us that wants to spread our voices and make a difference,” the young star said, explaining how she’s similar to Dawn. “For the last five years, I have been spreading kindness, love and compassion by hosting lemonade stands for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundations, as well as visiting senior centers every Christmas to sing carols and play the guitar. In addition, I am a pescatarian and I am into spirituality. I have lots of crystals, I’m into zodiac signs and I’m learning how to read tarot with my friends.”

The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 release date has yet to be announced, but Kyndra did tease what fans can expect to see from Dawn’s strong personality in the upcoming episodes.

“Dawn is a strong Latina girl who is an activist. She cares for the environment and wants to make a change,” she shared. “Dawn is also very confident and is very supportive of all of the girls’ goals and dreams. Whilst being calm and collected, she is interested in things of a higher nature and is grounded in reality.”

When it came to joining the BSC, the Finding ‘Ohana star loved working with the other girls — Sophie Grace, Malia Baker, Momona Tamada and Shay Rudolph — because “we all come from different backgrounds yet we all respect one another and find strengths in their unique differences.”

“Girls supporting girls is big in the BSC!” she told Seventeen. Scroll through our gallery for everything you need to know about Kyndra.

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