Miley Cyrus may have seriously grown and evolved as a person over the years, but one thing is for sure. Her legendary role in Disney Channel's Hannah Montana changed her life. But what is crazy is that it could've all been way different if it wasn't for this one little last minute decision. In a recent interview, Miley's on-screen and IRL dad Billy Ray Cyrus opened up about a crazy switch-up that took place while filming the very first episode.

Hannah Montana was originally written about Kylie, and … up until the day we started filming the pilot, it was still Kylie. But I kept saying ‘Miley,’ and by the third time into it somebody stopped and said, ‘Wait a minute, everybody, script change … Kylie is now Miley,'” Billy Ray revealed in a recent interview.

He added, “I think looking back at it, that was quintessential to who Hannah Montana was because what it did was open up a door to the real [Miley]."

hannah montana best of both worlds

He is so right. There is no doubt that as fans grew to love watching Miley Stewart on TV, they also became fans of the real Miley. Can you just imagine if her character's name was Kylie though? Or if they stuck with the original name before that one, Alexis Texas? Literally so crazy to think about how things could've been way different! Despite the fact that Miley has definitely changed over the years, there is no doubt that everything happens for a reason – and Miley's time on Disney definitely helped shape who she is today. Not to mention, she never tries to hide who she really is inside.

"She’s so real. If she’s doing a scene on Saturday Night Live or being Miley in the kitchen or at her house or Carpool Karaoke, she’s just so undeniably Miley — there’s only one Miley," Billy Ray said.

We couldn't agree more. It's legit impossible to to picture Miley as Kylie. Things would have been so different if her iconic role in Hannah Montana went by a name other than her own. In fact, that wasn't the only option. It has been reported that the show was originally going to be called Alexia Texas at one point as well. OK, now that one just sounds wrong.

Let us all feel #blessed that things turned out the way they did because we truly cannot imagine the show any other way.

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