Miley Cyrus is absolutely no stranger to permanently tattooing her bod, and she is back at it again with another piece of body art. And just like all of her others (well over thirty, but who’s counting?), it’s sticking with her for life.

The “Malibu” songstress took to Instagram to show off her new meaningful design – and like a number of her other tattoos, it holds a special meaning. The Disney Channel alum got the official logo for vegan food products on the inside of her arm. The sunflower design represents her dedication to veganism, and it seriously suits her so well.

Check out the video to see Miley’s new tattoo, along with all of her other most fascinating designs.

Miley has a long list of tattoos, and this definitely falls in the category of her most interesting ones. From an alien head to an Australian snack, there is sure a lot more where this one came from.

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