Milo Manheim has been slaying the ballroom each week on Dancing With the Stars and while the 17-year-old Disney actor made his big debut in the DCOM Zombies in the lead role of Zed, he doesn’t have plans to step back into that green hair anytime soon. Well, at least he won’t reprising the role on DWTS, that is!

Speaking to Hollywood LifeMilo confirmed that for the upcoming Halloween-themed episode, he’s not going to be breaking out Zed, for the simple fact that Milo wants to get super scary and if you’ve seen Zombies, you know the movie-musical is lighthearted and fun. He plays a nice zombie, after all.

Zed Zombies
Disney Channel

“I am going to just tell you right now, we will not be doing Zombies. I want to make it creepy. Zombies is fun, it is awesome, but it is not really Halloween. It is about a zombie, and it is not a scary movie. I want to freak people out. I want to creep people out. I want to be creepy!” Milo said.

OK, fair enough, we totally get that! But it would’ve been really fun to see Milo and his partner, Witney Carson, recreate a scene from the movie. And we have a feeling his castmates, who are often in the crowd cheering him on, would’ve loved to have seen it too. But Milo is all about bringing the creepy vibes to his Halloween dance, and it looks like he’s doing just that, from a rehearsal pic he shared on Instagram. We’ll just have to wait until Monday night to see what Milo and Witney end up performing. But will we ever see Milo as Zed again? While Disney Channel hasn’t confirmed if a sequel to the movie is happening yet, Milo is all about it.

“I want a sequel so bad! I haven’t heard anything, I wish I did, I’m hoping. I haven’t heard anything bad, but I haven’t heard anything good either. But we’ll see,” he said in an interview. “I want to see more zombies cheerleading because that was my favorite part, I want to see more crazy acrobatics, I want to see more football, I want to see more of everything. I just want to do it again.”

And we want to see more Zombies too!

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