She’s been killing it for years, but how tall is Miranda Cosgrove? The former Nickelodeon actress is constantly wearing heels, often allowing her to tower over some co-stars, which has raised tons of questions about her height. Keep reading for all the details. 

How Tall Is Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda is 5-foot-6, according to multiple reports.

What Has Miranda Cosgrove Said About Her Height?

While she hasn’t spoken too much about her own height, Miranda did recall a pretty hilarious story about longtime iCarly co-star Nathan Kress, confirming that he wore platform shoes during the show’s first season. At the time, the idea was apparently to make him closer in height to Miranda and Jennette McCurdy.

“Nathan hated those shoes! I feel like it plagues him because there are so many memes of him in them. He didn’t need to wear those,” she joked to BuzzFeed in November 2022. “I don’t know why that happened; he was wronged! He wasn’t that much shorter than us, and guys go through growth spurts at different times. He also didn’t need to be taller; he could’ve be shorter than us. He was a good sport, but I feel like those shoes scarred him a little bit!”

One longtime co-star of Miranda who totally towers over her is Josh Peck! She starred alongside the Nickelodeon alum on Drake and Josh, but they later reunited during the iCarly reboot in 2022.

“It really felt like a good full circle moment because when I was 8 years old, the first thing I ever did was Drake and Josh. I got to be on Josh’s show, and then, having Josh now that we’re adults on my show, that just felt kind of awesome. I love him. So to have him play Carly’s manager was just really fun,” Miranda gushed to J-14 exclusively in May 2022, about Josh’s role on the new iCarly. “Then getting to see Josh and Nathan — because their characters are butting heads a lot — getting to see their chemistry and then working on set together was really just kind of cool and weird. Getting to see two people I’ve been friends with for such a long time be in this show together and then also be fighting. It was a really awesome experience.”

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