Is Carly Shay finally finding love? Jerry Trainor — who reprised his role as Spencer Shay in the iCarly reboot — teases to J-14 exclusively that “the Creddie situation” will be addressed in the show’s forthcoming third season.

“I will say season 2 ends with … I don’t want to ruin anything,” the Snow Day reboot star, 45, shares. “Season 2 ends with Freddie breaking up with his girlfriend because she thinks Freddie and Carly are better suited for each other. So, that gets explored.”

iCarly stars Miranda Cosgrove as the title character while Nathan Kress plays her BFF and producer, Freddie. The show initially aired on Nickelodeon from 2007 to 2012, and in June 2021, the show returned to Paramount+ with most of the original cast.

Now, the stars are back “in it” and gearing up for season 3. However, Jerry stays tight-lipped about any possible plot points.

“We pick up the Creddie situation,” he says. “What happens? I don’t know.”

Creddie for Life! The 'iCarly' Cast Plays Coy About Carly and Freddie Getting Together in Season 2
Lisa Rose/Paramount+

The Nickelodeon album continued to joke that he has “an NDA” and “they’re texting me right now … like, ‘Don’t slip up. Don’t say it.'”

That being said, the actor could share that the season 2 “cliffhanger gets paid off … in some way.”

While fans have been dying to see Creddie come to life on screen for years, the cast has too … and Jerry’s not the only one wanting these two fictional characters to finally get their chance at love.

“I don’t know what happens,” he previously told J-14 while attending the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards in April. “I’m fine with it. I just don’t want anybody to settle. I want it to be real. I feel like Freddie’s got some stuff to work out.”

Nathan, for his part, broke down the second season cliffhanger with J-14 exclusively in June and said there’s “no shortage of love” between Carly and Freddie.

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