(G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon had a longwinded road to debut! The main vocalist of the “TOMBOY” group nearly debuted with another hugely successful K-pop group — and you’ll never guess which one. Keep reading to learn more about Miyeon.

Who Is Miyeon?

Who Are (G)I-DLE?

(G)I-DLE debuted under the music agency Cube Entertainment with the song “Latata” in May 2018. Originally a sextet, member Soojin left the lineup on August 14, 2021, due to bullying allegations.

In an interview with The Star, (G)I-DLE’s group leader Soyeon revealed that the name of the band came to her when she was composing the “Idle Song.” However, the name received mixed reactions in South Korea and internationally, leading the band to rename themselves (G)I-DLE, which they confirmed would be pronounced verbally as “I-dle.”

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