Did you know that most K-pop groups contain members with designated “roles,” such as the youngest, the leader and the main singer? Well, today we’re breaking down some of the most iconic “main dancers” in K-pop — meaning that they’re the most efficient at dance within the group or is in charge of their group’s choreography altogether. Keep reading for some of K-pop’s most iconic main dancers!

One of the most talented main dancers in K-pop is, of course, BTS’ J-Hope. Along with his impressive skill in hip-hop, he was also in an underground dance group named “Neuron” prior to debuting with BTS and didn’t imagine himself as a K-pop star at first!

In March 2022, the BTS member appeared on Jay Park’s talk show titled The Seasons — Jay Park’s Drive, where he discussed his journey as a dancer.

“There was huge disapproval. My father is a literature teacher who also taught at the school I went to, and he was asking why I suddenly fell in love with dance,” J-hope shared.

“I loved dance so much that I’d be practicing at dawn, coming home late,” J-hope continued. “So that’s why my father was really against it, I think.”

However, he revealed that his father is obviously now in full support for his career as a performer. “Now, more than anyone, even just watching [me] on television broadcasts makes him happy.”

Another popular main dancer in K-pop is TWICE’s Momo — who revealed in a 2023 interview with Cosmopolitan Korea that she first began dancing at only 3 years old!

“It might sound crazy, but my first-ever memory is of me dancing,” the Japanese singer shared. “My older sister actually began taking dance lessons before I did. When I saw her taking those classes, I said to my parents that I wanted to learn dance like her. Apparently, I cried and begged for it.”

She continued, “I was the happiest when I danced. I wasn’t interested in studying, so going to dance classes after school was a big part of my daily life. I came to Korea to start training right after I graduated from middle school. I came to Korea right when I wanted some changes in life, so I wasn’t scared or anything. I was the kind of kid who relied too much on my older sister, so I wanted to get something done by myself.”

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