Nessa Barrett is a TikTok-star-turned-musician and a lot of the tattoos she sports reflect that journey! The 20-year-old is inked up and most of her tats reflect her struggles, rise to stardom and music. Keep reading to uncover photos of her tattoos and their meanings.

“Most of my tattoos have something to do with music,” Nessa told Elite Daily in November 2020.”I’m planning on doing an entire sleeve one day, but probably the next one would be … I have a tattoo idea of getting the word anxiety, and then over it would be a spider. I kind of want my sleeve tattoo to be based on all my struggles and the ones around it to explain how I overcame them.”

She also explained the meaning behind her “pure” tattoo which is located on the side of her neck. “I always wanted a tattoo there. Most of my tattoos have something to do with music. I remember growing up, whenever I would sing, my voice would be described as pure, or different, or unique. That mostly had to do with music. I also just thought it would be cool. It’s a nice word.”

When it comes to getting ideas for her ink, Nessa uses the internet! “I have a whole Pinterest folder of tattoos,” the “Die First” singer revealed.

Most of Nessa’s pieces are located on her arm, such as butterflies, a skeleton hand holding a heart, a spider, a tooth and multiple angel numbers such as “222” and “777.” The “Counting Crimes” artist also has numerous sayings on her body that are meaningful to her, including her own song titles and quotes. One tattoo just says “little,” which she revealed is what her grandmother calls her. Cute!

Nessa also shares a matching tattoo with her mom! The young star has a quote near her underarm that says “I love you at your darkest” and she revealed that her mom has a quote that reminds her of Nessa in the same placement. Additionally, she got a matching butterfly tattoo with her best friend Cooper Noriega (who died in June 2022) and his sister, Parker.

Scroll through our gallery for a tattoo tour of all of Nessa’s ink and their meanings. 

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