It’s almost spring, and Netflix will have a bunch of new TV shows and movies to stream throughout the month of March! With a slew of laugh-out-loud comedies like The Hangover film series and Easy A, and the highly anticipated season 4, part 2 premiere of You, viewers will have a ton to watch.

Penn Badgley, who plays serial killer-turned dad, Joe Godlberg in You, spoke with Collider in October 2021 about the fourth season, teasing that it would be “quite different.”

“Well, it might be … I don’t know, but I think it might be more about Joe’s relationship with himself,” Penn told the outlet. “Because this isn’t really a show about a murderer, this is a show about … I think it’s taking the mistakes that we make in relationships to the extreme for the sake of a good story. Like, we really need to lay down our swords and stop being competitive in relationships, but that’s very hard to do.”

The show left off with a major cliffhanger during the season 3 finale when Joe killed his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), after the couple tried to live a more “normal” life together.

Aside from the two costars, fans are dying to know whether other cast members such as Jenna Ortega will make an appearance in season 4. The Wednesday star played Ellie in season 2. According to series creator Sera Gamble, there is a slight chance fans may see Jenna come back, but it’s not a guarantee.

“Jenna is so busy, and she is in the middle of so many amazing projects, but the thing I can say about the story and the show is that we talk about Ellie a lot,” Sera told E! News after season 3 wrapped. “We referenced her in the season because we wanted to make it clear that, yes, she’s still out there and she does fundamentally represent a sort of threat to Joe, because she completely has his number in terms of who and what he is and what he has done.”

While many are excited for You‘s fourth season, it’s not the only series that is headed to the streamer in March.

The only downside with the new wave of movies and shows coming to Netflix, however, is that a few fan-favorites will be leaving the streaming giant, including all four seasons of Big Time Rush.

Scroll through our gallery to see a full list of new releases and everything leaving the streaming service in March 2023. 

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