Warning: Spoilers ahead. So many questions were left unanswered at the end of Outer Banks season 2, and fans need answers. Now that Netflix has officially renewed the series for a third season — set to premiere on February 23, 2023 — viewers are sharing what they want to see when new episodes premiere.

Outer Banks, which stars Chase StokesMadelyn ClineRudy PankowMadison Bailey and Jonathan Daviss, became a phenomenon amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic after its premiere in April 2020. More than a year later, in July 2021, the show released its second season and all the loose ends from the first were finally tied up. Yes, the Pogues reunited in the OBX, John B (played by Chase) was no longer being framed for murder and Sarah (played by Madelyn) still had a lot of issues with her family.

While they didn’t exactly get the lost Royal Merchant gold, which was the focus of season 1, the Pogues did find themselves involved in a new treasure hunt with higher stakes, especially since their new mission was particularly personal for Pope (played by Jonathan).

“It hits very close to home,” Jonathan told Cosmopolitan in July 2021. “We were, in our country, going through some sensitive subjects as it comes to family, injustice and doing right by history. Being able to put that into the show with my character, and just what I’ve been through in my life, it all came from a very real, genuine place this year.”

Pope is, quite literally, shell-shocked after finding out that his family were descended by the fictional Denmark Tanny, the only Royal Merchant survivor who freed all the slaves in the Outer Banks after coming into $400 million in gold.

“Pope learns that Denmark Tanny is his great-grandfather and that he had something stolen from him and was killed because of it,” Jonathan also told the magazine.


While on the hunt for the treasure — a seven-foot-tall gilded cross — they make some enemies, including the terrifying Carla Limbery (played by Elizabeth Mitchell). In typical Outer Banks fashion, each season 2 episode is full of action, fights and the rare romantic moment between John B and Sarah. But, despite everything that went down, there was still room for questions to be left unanswered. Let’s not forget, John B’s dad — who had previously been presumed dead — is very much alive and hiding out in Barbados!

Scroll through our gallery for every question Outer Banks fans need answered during season 3. 

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