Netflix star Julia Antonelli is total BFFs with her Outer Banks costars, and we can prove it! The 18-year-old actress, who plays Wheezie Cameron in the series, teamed up with J-14 exclusively for a game of “Guess the Tweet” and revealed which one of her cast members shared the Twitter post.

“Their tweets are kind of alike,” Julia explained, when comparing Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline‘s social media posts. “They’re both really funny, so I give myself the benefit of the doubt!”

She also guessed whether various other Twitter posts were shared by herself, Austin North or Drew Starkey. When it came to guessing Drew’s tweets, Julia totally knew what to expect from her on-screen brother, Rafe Camreon.

“He’s such a nice person off set,” Julia told J-14. “So, you’ll see him go from like, ‘Hi, how are you,’ to, you know, Rafe, the murderer. So, it’s crazy to see him flip or switch his personality so fast. But it’s also, kind of, really cool because that means he’s a fantastic actor, and it’s something you can learn from.”

From the sound of it, the Outer Banks cast’s tweets are reflective of their real-life personality. And according to Julia, there’s never a dull moment on set.

“There’s a scene with me and Rafe. I’m not going to specify what the scene’s about, but there’s a scene where he’s throwing clothes at me,” she gushes. “I literally couldn’t hold my laughter together because he was whipping the clothing at me, like, as hard as he could. I think, hopefully, when the show comes out, you won’t see me like laughing, but I was really laughing really hard.”

Similarly, she and Madelyn couldn’t stop laughing because they were “so loopy.”

“I think we were on set for so long that we had just kind of lost our minds a little bit,” Julia explained. “So, I remember just sitting in the car laughing about, like, the birds flying by. There was nothing to laugh about, but we would definitely laugh, but it was funny. It was really fun.”

Outer Banks season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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