Niall Horan might have been in One Direction living the madness of it all for six years and now that he’s off doing his solo thing, he thinks his life is normal. Well, it definitely isn’t. LOL #sorrynotsorry. Here is some evidence to prove our point. The Irish heartthrob has got a debut album coming out on October 20th, he’s already performing it during his Flicker sessions, he’s announced a world tour for 2018 and he’s making an appearance at Jingle Ball concerts around the country this winter. Normal? We think not. Obviously, things might be a bit different since he isn’t surrounded by his bandmates and all four of them together really does cause total chaos but for some reason, we don’t think much has changed when fans see him. They definitely still freak out.

Nialler has a different idea about all of that. He chatted with about his new album and the challenges that came with it. But, they also asked him what he misses most about the One Direction days. Niall explained, “The day-to-day general madness of One Direction [I] miss.” But, that’s not exactly what caught our attention.

The “Too Much To Ask” singer continued, “I guess, in a way, it’s been quite calm for me. It’s been quite chilled-out, a kind of normal life at some level. The whole idea of anytime we rolled into town, everyone knew we were there. It was a lot of screaming people everywhere. It was all kind of high-energy stuff. But I gave myself a year and a half, basically, to make an album and really hone in on everything music, which has been great.”

So basically, what we think he’s saying is that his life is normal compared to what it was. He has actually touched on this before. He told Shortlist magazine, “In London people don’t really pay attention to me – in a good way. I’m not saying everyone should know who I am, but I go on the Tube, or walk down the street, absolutely no problem.” Hmmm…

Somehow, we just can’t seem to wrap our heads around it. There’s no way his life is normal, but sure, okay, it’s semi-normal compared to the hysteria all four boys cause when they are in one place. We’ll give him that.

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