Niall Horan's solo debut album is finally here and I feel like a proud mom. Okay, I'm definitely not old enough to be his mom and I'd probably rather date him than anything else, but the feels are totally real today. You see, I've been an avid One Direction fan since day one – specifically a Niall fan. I mean, how could you not get lost in those blue eyes and perfectly styled hair? Not to mention he has the voice of an angel. But to watch him come so far is what every fangirl hopes their idol accomplishes. Nialler barely made it through the X-Factor auditions. Remember when Louis Walsh didn't think he should even make it through? Well, take that Louis because Flicker is a work of art.

Niall even promised the judges during his audition that he would not let them down. He wanted to let them know they made the right decision by letting him through. Clearly, he kept that promise. He's kind of exceeded the expectations, to be honest.


I would be lying if I said Niall was the star of One Direction. He was obviously a major part of the band and it wouldn't be the same without him. But lots of attention was always focused on Harry Styles. Niall kind of kept to himself. I literally just found out today that he had a secret girlfriend all along and that's who inspired Flicker. Yeah, kind of disappointing because I always thought we had a chance. Kidding. But, really, I love the honesty.

I feel like Niall has completely changed with this album. He's still the fun-loving Irish heartthrob that longs for the golf course and a small pub with friends on a fall afternoon, but he's really grown up. And that's why I'm super proud of him. He was never this honest, the fact that he actually admitted that this album is about a certain someone is more than he's ever opened up about his love life. Ever. And he didn't really even say anything.

I'm proud that he channeled his thoughts and emotions and actually made something out of them. I'm proud that he was able to break out of the One Direction mold and make a name for himself as an individual. I'm proud that he had the confidence to do. I'm proud that he took a chance, that he didn't just sit back and wait for a One Direction reunion to happen before he got back on stage again. I'm proud of how he's connecting with fans and really sharing his life – something he never got to do in the band.

Niall really is one of a kind. His acoustics are on point. He works so hard every day to deliver perfection and honestly I think that he did. Flicker brings out such raw emotions. It's relatable. It's mellow. It's easy on the ears. It's something that every mom would be proud – or someone like me who kind of just feels like Nialler can do no wrong.

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