It's that time of year again where fandoms freak the eff out on social media because their favorite artist got completely snubbed by the Grammy's. Most of the time, these devoted fans have every right to react the way they do – especially this year that Niall Horan and Harry Styles' did not receive a single Grammy nod. As you can imagine, Directioners are going bonkers over it. They have taken to Twitter to express their distaste for the entire organization and confusion about how in the world Hazza and Nialler could have been overlooked.

To be honest, the fans have a point. Not only are these guys seasoned vets to the music business having been with One Direction for five years and created one of the biggest boy bands in the world, but they have also made a name for themselves as solo artists. Their albums came out well before the cut off date for this year's eligibility to be nominated for a Grammy. Oh yeah, and they have been topping the charts. There really is no reason they are being left out.

Of course, the boys are just starting this path on their own. It's not an excuse, but we have a feeling that there are more solo albums to come from them and the rest of the guys including Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. While most of us wish we could have seen Niall and Harry's albums recognized, the best we can do is hope that whoever is in charge of making these decisions about Grammy nominations looks a little closer at the boy band heartthrobs turned respected solo stars next time.

Let's take a look at what some Directioners had to say on Twitter. One user wrote, "Grammys are cancelled this year #sott deserved better #Harrystylesdeservedbetter."


Another used this meme of Viola Davis that perfectly sums up how the entire fandom is feeling ahead of the awards show.

Another Twitter user was personally victimized and said, "Grammys snubbed my son Harry Styles tho tf."


Obviously, lots of people are not happy with what has happened. Not to mention, Directioners have waited for what seems like an eternity for the boys get up on the Grammy stage and claim their award. It has literally never happened which seems completely bizarre. Our fingers are crossed that next year is different. It's just really sad to see and hear how hard Harry and Niall worked on their albums only to be snubbed in the end.

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