Niall Horan has much to celebrate after his first solo album went to number 1 on the charts but that might not be such a good sign for One Direction fans. The Irish heartthrob has been making a giant splash in the music world as a solo artist and we don’t think he’s stopping anytime soon. Of course, he has always said and will continue to say that One Direction will eventually get back together. But, that time frame is looking longer and longer. Why? Because Niall bae is already thinking about his second solo album!

The “Slow Hands” singer chatted with Vanity Fair about his new modeling contract, all the attention he’s getting on his personal life and the hopes he has for his future music career. He explained, “I’m on a bit of a tour right now, and after I got the No. 1 I nearly wanted to go and write the next [album]. I got a goal right here. So, I don’t know, I just kinda keep my head down. It’s my first album. Everyone was a bit excited, you know. Everyone’s excited about it and stuff like that, so I’ll try and do my best on the next one.” WHAT.

See, the fact that he’s already thinking about solo album number two has got us a bit worried. What does that mean for One Direction? What does that mean for their much-anticipated reunion? Could he write a solo album and record with the band at the same time? The questions are endless and they will only keep on coming. As all of the boys, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, have got their thing going on right now. They’ve all got a serious solo vibe and fans are loving it. So, it kind of seems like they are trying to make the moment last. Unfortunately, the One Direction reunion may not be at the forefront of their minds.

Clearly, Niall has some big plans for his solo career and we should be super excited about it. 1D WILL come back, but let’s let Niall bask in his glory for a while longer. Not to mention, he handles it all so well. The press, the interviews and even the silly questions about his personal life. He admits that he has gotten used to it and doesn’t really care what kind of stories are made up about him because he knows the truth. Once again, Niall is literally perfect but I DIGRESS.

He explained, “I’m quite carefree. I know what I’m like. I know who I am. I would say I was a pretty decent fella. They can write what they want, to be honest. I don’t really care. I never have been one to worry about things too much. You can’t walk down the street with a female without it being written about. I’ve just kinda given up caring. If they ask me [personal] questions, you know, it’s a bit silly. So yeah, they kinda can write what they want. That’s their job I suppose. They’ve got a job to do. I’ve gotten past the point of caring.”

Basically, FYI, Niall might be reading headlines and tweets and social media posts about his alleged lovers or girlfriends but he’s not about that gossip life which is pretty freaking awesome. It shows how grounded and level-headed the cutie really is. We’re not the only ones who literally drool at the thought of him either. He just signed with Wilhelmina so prepare yourselves for much more Niall in the fashion world.

He said of the modeling gig, “Obviously, I’m into the fashion side of things. I think it’s part of our culture, and what we do, and my job. I just kind of like fashion in general. I wouldn’t say I was a model. I’m far from that, but obviously, Wilhelmina thinks different. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens. Now that it’s been put in front of me I’m just really excited about it to be honest.” The word excited doesn’t even cover how we really feel about this, TBH.

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